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                                                                      MELANGE NYC BEAUTY SERVICES BOOKING AGREEMENT

                                                                                              FLUSHING ,QUEENS NY 11354




Congratulations on your engagement with MELANGE NYC !   MELANGE NYC looks forward to providing you with the best beauty and fashion service for YOUR SPECIAL OCCASION OR PROJECT ! Let us bring your imagination to life ! To keep us both protected and committed to one another, there is a contract that we both will sign. This locks in your date and secures your appointment times. Please advise us of the amount of people that require makeup and any other services prior to your occasion/project, so that we can reserve times and provide you with a sufficient amount of artists. Any changes that cause us to be unprepared are not our responsibility however we will do the best we can to accommodate your needs. To coordinate our Beauty services, Please Call 917-355-2212 Or Email MELANGENYC@GMAIL.COM ! Below you will find the contract and payment schedule for services rendered.  Thanks for choosing MELANGE NYC!    MELANGE NYC is not responsible for any cancelations . (no refunds)



(Please fill out all that applies below)

This MELANGE NYC beauty service Contract is made and entered into as of _/_/_, by and between (client) (first name)_____(last name)_____ whose address is/or where services will be provided at: ___and MELANGE NYC  who is in Flushing, queens NY, 11354 . In consideration of the mutual covenants herein contained and, intending to be legally bound hereby, the Client and the MELANGE NYC ARTIST/TALENT agree as follows:


1.  MELANGE NYC's obligation to provide services hereunder subject to the unavailability of the studio as a result of sickness, accidents, acts of God and other reasons beyond artist/talent's control. MELANGE NYC will however, find artist/talent replacement at our BEST to accommodate your special occasion. This however is not a guarantee. 


2. Additional charges , such as half of tolls and half of parking may apply. 


3. A Fee of 25% non refundable, non transferable deposit of final set price.


4. Date and time of Clients Occasion

The date of the Occasion: _/ _/ _ start time 

(Earliest) time party needs to be ready by (specified and agreed upon): _

total for bridal party: 


5. PAYMENT. In full consideration for all services rendered by Melange Nyc at the Location, the Client agrees to make the following payment in U.S Funds to MELANGE NYC  :

a) Deposit. (A Fee of 25% non refundable, non transferable deposit of final set price.) Client will pay $_us dollars___of the payment to MELANGE NYC as cash payment, at the consultation date/meeting date by __/_/_ .

b) PAYMENT of Balance. At the event on the set date of the clients occasion and MELANGE NYC services , the Client will pay MELANGE NYC the remaining balance of the payment in cash.

i. $_$ us dollars__ Payable to  MELANGE NYC.

ii. Extra Hourly Rate: additional charges of $50 per hour extra will be applied from scheduled end time if needed. Payment must be made in cash! 

6. Cancellation. In the event Client cancels the Project/event prior to the scheduled date, Client will lose the deposit made to MELANGE NYC .  which is the  25% of final booking rate .  Upon payment of the cancellation fee, Client will have no further liability to MELANGE NYC hereunder.



MELANGE NYC and CLIENT have each agreed to sign this Service Contract below. 

Please sign and date the contract and return it promptly with the required deposit in order to hold your date and times. We commit that all our services will be offered in a timely and professional manner.  By signing the contract you also acknowledge your commitment for the reservation of time in our busy schedules. Although this contract is legally binding, we hope and trust that it is simply a precaution taken to protect both of our investments. Thank you for understanding. We are looking forward to working with you!


CLIENT SIGNATURE:_________________________________________________________(DATE)___/___/___ 

MELANGE NYC ARTIST SIGNATURE:____________________________________(DATE)___/___/___

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